Barahona: A Hidden Jewel of the Dominican Republic

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Barahona, a city on the southwestern coast of the Dominican Republic, is an undiscovered paradise that is often overlooked on most travelers’ maps. With its extraordinary natural beauty, rich history and warm, welcoming community, Barahona offers a unique blend of culture and adventure.

Geography: The Heart of Barahona Province

Barahona, the capital of the province of the same name, is nestled between the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the green heights of the Sierra de Bahoruco. The city offers breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding mountains and is known for its natural beauty.

History: The roots of Barahona

Founded in 1802, Barahona has a long and fascinating history. The town played a key role in the Dominican Republic’s sugar industry and was a major trading center. Today, many of the historic sugar plantations and factories are still visible and serve as reminders of the city’s industrial heritage.

Economy: The lifeline of Barahona

Barahona is the heart of Dominican coffee production and has also established itself as a major port for the export of sugar beets and other agricultural products. The city is also known for its production of larimar, a rare blue gemstone found only in this region.

Tourism: Barahona, The Undiscovered Paradise

Barahona offers a variety of recreational activities, from relaxing beach days to exciting hikes in the surrounding mountains. The city is also the perfect base for day trips to nearby attractions such as Jaragua National Park and Lake Enriquillo, the largest salt lake in the Caribbean.


Barahona is a place of remarkable natural beauty, rich history and warm hospitality. Although often overlooked by tourists, it offers a unique opportunity to discover the undiscovered wonders of the Dominican Republic. From its verdant mountains to its turquoise seashores, Barahona is a place waiting to be discovered.

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