Casino Playa Chiquita

Roll the Dice and Win Big at Casino Playa Chiquita

Get ready for an evening of excitement and fun at Casino Playa Chiquita. Our thrilling table games, slot machines, and friendly staff make for the ultimate gaming experience. Join us and see if lady luck is on your side.

ADDRESS Sosúa 57000 GPS 19.6664967, -70.4912128417 TELEPHONE +18095713416

Casino Gaming

Experience the Best of Casino Gaming at Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua

Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua is a vibrant and exciting casino, offering visitors a wide range of casino gaming options. Choose from tried-and-tested classics like blackjack, roulette, and craps, as well as modern favorites like poker and slot machines. There are plenty of chances for those who are after more than just money, with special offers including free spins, bonuses and loyalty programs.

Live Entertainment

Get Entertained with Live Shows at Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua

The Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua also caters to customers with varying interests in entertainment; providing live shows at various times throughout the week for those wanting to stay entertained during their visit. These include cabarets featuring amazing music and dancers from around the world every Friday night; salsa nights held on Saturdays; karaoke nights every Thursday evening; Stand Up shows every Wednesday night; local band performances on Tuesdays – plus much more!

Sports Bar

Join the Fun at Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua’s Sports Bar

If you’re looking for something to do apart from the gaming tables or live entertainment acts, why not head over to the newly opened Sports Bar? Visitors can catch up with all their favorite sports games being aired live or even take part in weekly trivia nights or poker tournaments hosted by the bar staff – it’s an ideal setting for gamers befitting of any type.

Poolside Escape

Relax and Unwind at Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua’s Poolside Strip

The Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua is proud to provide its guests an idyllic retreat in the form of their poolside strip; complete with sunloungers, umbrellas and features such as hot tubs and additional activities available throughout the daytime hours each day. Should you be looking for refreshments whilst taking advantage of this private paradise – look no further than the pool concierge which provides guests with cool drinks and snacks throughout the hours spent lazing around by its pristine waters!

Dining Options

Satisfy Your Cravings with a Wide Selection of Dining Options at Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua

When hunger strikes during your stay at Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua – fear not – as there are plenty of diverse dining options on offer at both inside and outside venues within this entertainment complex! Enjoy dinners boasting award-winning dishes crafted by professional chefs in its show kitchens or grab a quick bite before heading back out onto casino floors – it really is one-stop shop!

Shopping Experiences

Shop Till You Drop at Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua’s Shopping Experiences

If you’re after some retail therapy then worry not – Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua offers a selection of shopping experiences right within its premises! Selections include everything from designer labels adorning extravagant boutiques as well as your conventional grocery stores which stock everything needed either to fuel your holiday getaway or bring back reminders home when it comes time to leave this little slice of paradise behind!

Nightlife Scene

Experience the Thriving Nightlife Scene at Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua

No trip would be complete without sampling some of what Playa Chiquita Casino Sosua has to offer post sundown – dive into bars hosting wandering

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